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Why Partner with Trill? 
Currently, the mental health space is extremely costly for companies to acquire users, speaking to a larger social problem. Trill Project aggregates vulnerable populations and can facilitate mutually beneficial advertisements from mental health service providers. Ultimately, we believe the emotional data and understandings are our most invaluable asset!Additionally, we already have begun to organically acquire an authentic user base. To further spread our word, we are partnering with existing mental health and LGBTQ+ organizations and growing a vibrant blog and socials with a content channel that interviews and features influencers.Although we are mission driven, we are looking for ways to monetize as well whether it's through sponsored cummunities, premium subscription models, and much more!

Types of Partnerships

Corporate and organizational partnerships

Sponsored advertising in-app to over 85,000 users

White-Labeling of Trill

For HR and companies in need of an anonymous social network focused on mental health


For those who carry a creative mindset with strong written and verbal communication skills

Content Creators

For those who carry a creative mindset with strong written and verbal communication skills

Non-profit collaboration

For non-profits looking to promote fundraisers and content in-app

Trill Fellowship

For those attending a university or high school interested in spreading Trill's mission on their campus

Recent Partnerships

Headstart STEM 

This organization fosters mentorship and community for HS and College STEM majors. We partnered with them in Fall 2020 to provide extra opportunities for them to grow and for members to get MH volunteer experience. Also, both parties have agreed to uphold continually beneficial support in different ways.


We partnered with NEDA in November 2020, and have continued being in active communication with them since. They have helped us grow as a brand during Eating Disorder Awareness Month and with similar initiatives, and provided content creation opportunities for both of us.

SAGA/LGBT+ Support

Also a November 2020 Partnership, this is a similar partnership akin to headstartSTEM. We have both affirmed mutual support and provided each other with resources and opportunities for volunteer experiences.

Other Mental Health Apps


The #1 App for Emotional Health and Sleep. Aura is like having a therapist, personal life coach, guru, and sleep buddy all wrapped in one.

Steady MD

SteadyMD is an easy way for you to find a doctor that is right for you – virtually.

Trill Talks

Main contact with Therapist's Corner

Patricia Alvarado

Transgender actress and activist

Zoey Luna

Period girl, female activitst

Nadya Okamoto

Tech entrepreneur

Lilly Seay

Teen mental health activist changing the world with her nonprofit

Diana Chao

young entrepreneur making the fashion world more inclusive

Claudian Francis

Interview with Talkeetna Pride.

Lillian Lennon

Discussed mental health, eating disorders, and breaking cycles of trauma

Iris McAlpin

Activist, writer, and director of Trans Student Educational Resources.

Eli Erlick

Activist and pageant contestant Anita Green joins us to discuss being trans, coming out, politics, and pageantry.

Anita Noelle Green

Exclusive with BrettExclusive on mental health and social media.

Brett Quinn

The high schooler who made history for young girls around the world.

Ariana Pineda

Holistic psychotherapist talks to Trill about alcoholism, the road to recovery, and spirituality

Bianca L. Rodriguez

Instagram live Q&A session with John, Award-winning blogger, mental health advocate, author of The War Within My Mind, and CEO/Founder of The Bipolar Battle, Inc.

John Poehler

Founder of The Live Fearless Foundation, official Preliminary Miss American Texas, and Ambassador for Texas Cares for Children.Rose Knapp – ED Recovery activist.


Writer, creative thinker, orator, & mom Natasha Lettner joins us to discuss mental health

Natasha Lettner

Mental health professional and a husband and father of 4.

Mike Creekmore

Youtube sensation with an emphasis on making people smile.


Martial arts athlete, LGBTQ+ role model, and college student.

Donavan Barrett

Power lesbian couple discusses mental health, what it’s like to be a couple influencer, and social media empowerment.

Hannah & Alia

Our Existing Partners