About Trill

Trill Project is a social networking platform that creates a virtual support community where everyone feels like they belong.

What Drives Trill?


Express yourself authentically and anonymously. Love yourself, and recognize your validity to take up space on Trill and in life. All truths are to be shared and listened to with equal respect and acceptance.


Sign up with an email (we won’t spam!) and password. That’s it. You have full control to customize your feed and profile, make friends, report posts, and block users. You may share as much or as little as you would like. We will never sell your data!


Your personal wellbeing and safety is our top priority. We ask that all users exist harmoniously. Under no circumstance will offensive content related to ethnicity, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, or religion be tolerated.


Trill is a space to make new friends and find community. We hope you feel supported and support others in the community. Keep it True and Real. Stay Trill!

Our mission

Trill is a safe space to express all the thoughts, hopes, insecurities, wishes, questions, or ideas you have that you may not be ready to publicly share. And our first priority is your safety. Usernames are assigned based on your color of choice, so Trill is completely anonymous.

Additionally, you can easily change your color choice as needed to generate a new identity. Our moderators and proprietary machine learning work hand in hand to ensure our community remains a positive and supportive place.

Our story

Trill Project began in January 2018, in a high school Girls Who Code club with the goal of making the Internet a safer space for everyone. Since then, we’ve grown into our current team of teens, operating out of the dorms of USC, Harvard, Brown, and MIT. We are passionate and energized to use technology for good.


March 2018

Our co-founders Ari and Georgia met at a National Center for Women in Information Technology National awards ceremony recognizing the top 1% of high school aged female identifying computer scientists in the nation.

Spring 2018

We interviewed hundreds of LGBTQ+ teens in schools in LA with our Girls Who Code Club as part of the Technovation Challenge and discovered LGBTQ+ people lacked online support systems.

June 2018

Our team launched Trill on the App Store. We achieved over 10,000 organic users in our first 2 weeks. Wow. Things got Real.

Fall 2018

Our co-founders started their freshman years at college across the country (and discovered the power of Zoom a few years earlier than most). Trill Tip: we lived off chocolate and iced coffee. 

Spring 2019

We started over 500,000 conversations on Trill and reached more than 50 countries across the globe. Wow again!

Fall 2019

We were featured as Apple’s App of the Day for the second time!

Spring 2020

The pandemic took the world (and Trill) by storm. Usage for our app increased like we’ve never seen it before. We were confused and scared to leave college, but we knew that our mission with Trill was as important as ever.

Summer 2020

We participated in Headstream’s first summer cohort, introduced our B2B revenue model, and launched our “Trillternship”, which to date now has engaged over 50 high school and college volunteers to support our work.


We’re taking it day by day. Life has gone digital - and we couldn’t have anticipated back in 2018 when we had this idea just how great the need for Trill would still be. Mental health has become even more of a hot topic. Our mission remains the same: to make the Internet (and world) a safer, kinder, and more accepting place for all people.

Our Partners and Supporters